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Anda Selalu Nyanyi Lagu Tak Sampai?


Anda Keliru : Kadang boleh menyanyi baik, kadang hancur?


Anda Tidak Mengenal Julat Vokal Sendiri?




 Format Tutorial :


4 Siri Video: 


  • Setiap satu siri berdurasi 1 ke 2 jam.
  • Setiap 1 siri mengikut tahap kemampuan.
  • Bermula dengan asas, pertengahan sehinggalah peringkat tinggi.

Janice : Tutor Berpengalaman


  • Janice berpengalaman luas dalam pelbagai bidang seni.
  •  Vocal Training & Teaching, Performing Arts, Theatre, Radio Announcing, TV Presenting, Music Recording & Performance, Songwriting & Emceeing.
  • Pernah memenangi anugerah : Best Solo Performance (Vocals) and Best Composition.

Latihan Vokal


  • Mengikut format pertandingan SV, cuma pilihan lagu adalah bebas.
  • Merupakan Latihan ‘follow up’ SELEPAS kelas.
  • Nyanyian anda akan direviu oleh Tenaga Pengajar



Video Tutorial oleh Janice Yap 

(Bahasa Inggeris)

Sesuai Dengan Anda :

– Berada jauh dari kami (luar Lembah Klang).
– mahukan video dan panduan yang boleh ditonton berulang kali.
– jika anda mahukan video bahasa Inggeris yang mudah difahami
(Janice Yap ini adalah rakyat Malaysia).


Unlock Your Voice (Level 1)

DURATION: 90 Mins, 6 Lectures

Course Goals

  • Your instant guide to a better voice in singing and speaking!
  • An introduction and prerequisite to a stronger, healthier and longer-lasting voice.
  • Build a strong foundation for your voice to work at its best and gain better vocal stamina to last long hours of singing and speaking.

Suitable for

  • Absolute beginners to advanced singers who are not familiar with the vocal fundamentals needed for the voice to perform at its optimum level.
  • Singers who’ve always had trouble sustaining notes (run out of breath), sing with a shaky voice and/or have trouble singing high and low notes without feeling strain.
  • Singers whose vocal performances are normally affected by tremendous stage fright.
  • People who also want to improve their voices for speaking.

What you’ll learn

  • Vocal Anatomy & the Vocal Trinity: How your voice works and how to get the best out of it!
  • Physical Warm-ups: How to handle stage fright & disengage muscles that restrict you from singing and speaking freely
  • Ideal posture for singing and speaking
  • Breath Control: How to practice good breath control which is necessary in helping a singer/speaker sustain notes, learn vocal techniques easily and have better endurance in singing and speaking
  • Vocal Warm-ups: Establishing your own vocal regime to a longer-lasting healthy voice.

What you’ll need

  • A mirror, at some point. You’ll understand why when that moment comes.
  • You should be committed to spend 15 – 20 mins everyday rehearsing the exercises in this course to see significant results in just a week!


Unlock Your Voice (Level 2)

DURATION: 58 Mins, 5 Lectures

Course Goals

  • Sing with good vocal projection
  • Unlock your full vocal range and learn how to phonate/sing high and low notes without feeling any strain
  • Improve your vocal connection

Suitable for

  • Absolute beginners to advanced singers
  • Singers who have trouble in projecting their voices
  • Singers who want to expand their vocal range and reach higher and lower notes without any strain
  • Singers who want to learn the fundamentals in building a good vocal connection (developing their vocal mix)

What you’ll learn

  • Vocal Projection 1:
    • Overcoming mental blocks.
    • Getting rid of excessive breathiness (sing for longer hours with less strain and dryness in mouth and throat)
    • Vocal cord closure & vowel emphasis
  • Vocal Projection 2: Engaging & strengthening your Breath Support
  • Vocal Range: Unlock your full vocal range by learning how to use all your vocal registers
  • Vocal Registers: Chest Voice, Mix/Middle Voice, Head Voice & the Whistle  – sing a wider spectrum of notes without any strain.
  • Vocal Connection: Using the edge/vocal fry as a foundation to building better vocal connection.

What You’ll Need

  • Get ready to have fun as you discover your full vocal potential and range.
  • Commitment to practice the vocal and breath support exercises to see significant changes in your voice.
  • For best results, Level 1 is recommended before this course.


Unlock Your Voice (Level 3)

DURATION: 111 Mins, 6 Lectures

Course Goals

  • Master the Vocal Gears as commonly used by music artistes in the industry for better vocal control, flexibility, power.
  • Develop an amazingly flexible and strong vocal mix.
  • Increase the diversity of your sound (switch from chesty to smooth & ethereal, to metallic/edgy and/or belting sounds easily)
  • Develop your own distinct sound and style of singing.

Suitable for

  • Intermediate to advanced singers.
  • Singers who are facing problems ironing out the transitions between their vocal registers (voice sounds disconnected, or vocal connection is weak).
  • Singers who want to sing with more vocal control in volume through out their vocal range, and with more flexibility in modifying their tone quality.
  • Singers who want to develop a more unique voice.
  • Singers who want to learn how to belt.

What you’ll learn

  • The 4 Vocal Gears:
    • Sing extraordinarily as professional singers do with Anchor, Frost, Cry & Belt.
    • Use them to iron out the transitions between your vocal registers and  eliminate and/or emphasise vocal breaks.
  • Mixing Vocal Gears: Learn how to switch gears to sing with flexibility in various tone qualities (shouty, light & smooth, edgy or belt-sounding) and different power levels (loud, soft, medium loud & piercingly loud) all across your vocal range, to deliver a song more dynamically.
  • Applying the Vocal Gears: Understand how the gears work individually and together in a song, so you can develop your own unique sound and style of singing using the specific gears that will help you achieve the sound or vocal results that you want.

What you’ll need

  • A room or space to practise in. We’ll be making some crazy sounds!
  • Commitment to practice all of the vocal exercises as often as you can.
  • For maximum results, completion of Level 1 & 2 is recommended.


Unlock Your Voice (Level 4)

DURATION: 52 Mins, 3 Lectures

Course Goals

  • Sing high and low notes with good vocal control and power.
  • Strengthen your head voice – belt out high notes or sing with an edgier voice with your head voice
  • Strengthen your chest voice – sing low notes more accurately with a more solid-sounding voice, or a chestier sound.
  • Understand some of the causes for some of the most common vocal problems and challenges that singers face and how to overcome them.

Suitable for:

  • Intermediate & advanced singers
  • Singers who have difficulty singing or sustaining notes powerfully in their head and/or chest voice
  • Singers who would like to troubleshoot and fix their on-going vocal problems, refine their vocal technique quickly and modify their current vocal quality

What you’ll learn

  • The 3 most important criteria that must be met to sing high and low notes with power
  • How to use Cry, Belt & Anchor to sing more powerfully in your head and chest voice.
  • Changing vocal gears on a single note: Make your control of vocal gears and your ability to pitch notes more precise.
  • Quick ways to overcome the most common vocal problems that singers face.

What you’ll need

  • A room or space to practise in. We’ll be making some crazy sounds, yet again!
  • Commitment to practice all of the vocal exercises as often as you can.
  • Students should first complete level 2 & 3 before learning this course. Level 1 is also recommended, for optimum results.


BONUS – Latihan Vokal Online 



– Anda akan submit video nyanyian (lagu bebas).
–  nyanyian anda akan dikomen 3 tenaga pengajar di atas.
– anda akan dapat menyertai Grup Telegram Kelas Vokal,
dimana anda mendapat layanan istimewa.


Latihan Vokal


Bagaimana Latihan Ini Membantu Anda?

– Selepas mengikut kelas di atas, ini peluang anda untuk mempraktikkan.
– berpeluang untuk memperbaiki nyanyian anda setiap pusingan.
– dapat mengenali ramai rakan seperjuangan, dimana mereka juga akan membantu anda dengan memberi feedback yang membina.


BONUS – Peluang ‘Live Show’ 


*Terimakasih kepada Ahmad Shauqi atas rakaman video ini.

Previu : Shahrul dan Zainal di Merdekarya


– Jika anda mengambil pakej ‘5 Kelas’, anda akan mendapat peluang ini.
– Kami akan memastikan yang bersedia dan layak untuk melakukan persembahan ini.
– Tujuan ini adalah memberikan anda keyakinan
untuk membuat persembahan di khalayak ramai.




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